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Are you an East Sussex Business Owner?

Go for Growth and Ready to Grow:
Two programmes of support for East Sussex Businesses.

Digital Islands has been recommissioned by East Sussex County Council, working in collaboration with the Districts of Rother, Wealden, Lewes and Eastbourne Borough Council, to run two programmes of business support through until March 2025. 

Big Ambitions provides ambitious business owners in the county with a package of up to 18 hours of one to one help and advice from a team of specialists.

Ready to Grow is a training programme for small groups of business owners, those who started trading within the last couple of years.   

Developed by Digital Islands, the programmes were funded by the Councils and the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund.

To find out more you can book a call to discuss the details, or join the East Sussex Business Hub where you can find all the details and a lot more too.

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Up to 18 hours of 1:1 help from specialist advisors

Big Ambitions is designed for East Sussex business owners who are looking to grow and are likely to employ one or more additional staff within the next 12 to 18 months.  

The support starts with a 3-hour business health check, which is a one to one diagnostic conversation with an experienced business advisor (usually this will be James) designed to help us gather a comprehensive understanding of the business,  identify strengths, and discuss the areas where you might need some support. You will develop an outline Action Plan and be allocated to a work with one of the specialist advisors in the team.  Once you have completed the support with the specialist you will have a follow up meeting with James to revisit your Action Plan.     

Find out more from the East Sussex Business Hub or you can book a call to discuss whether this support is suitable for you via this link


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Support and Training for early stage businesses

Ready to Grow is a training programme for business owners who started trading in the last couple of years and need some help to get the business on track. We will be running the training four times in 2024:

Lewes District, starting 17th April 2024

Rother District, starting 4th June 2024

Eastbourne, starting 4th September 2024

Wealden, starting 7th November 2024

We are only accepting 12 business owners into each East Sussex group for this fully funded package of support. 

Participants will also receive 1:1 mentoring throughout to support the development of a personalised Action Plan. 

More details are available on the East Sussex Business Hub, or you can book a call to discuss whether this is suitable for you via this link.  

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Digital Islands has helped hundreds of small business owners thrive.

By collaborating with local councils, universities, business membership organisations, networks and other providers of economic development services, we reach deep into
the communities we serve to achieve real results.

With projects across Southern England, we have built a wide network of specialists. This has created a robust structure able to serve local project delivery and provides capacity and back up capacity if required.

Adam runs a freight forwarding business, and was keen to expand into new areas and develop the business. Through the support Digital Islands he has been provided with help, advice, marketing and introductions. 

adam marsek, fba freight forwarding
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