Supporting local economic growth through the development of vibrant communities of small business owners.

Digital Islands works in partnerships with multiple local authorities to design, implement and manage customised programmes of business support.

Our mission is to help local businesses start, grow and thrive.

We provide support, advice, help and guidance that is customised to the geographical area, and designed to address local needs and challenges. As commissioned service providers, our clients are the local authorities we work with. But our passion is the help and support we can provide to small business owners.


For each project, we assemble a team of specialist business advisors, subject matter experts, and local consultants who are experienced in working with and helping the owners of small businesses.

Our advisors are all small business owners themselves, who work with us to equip business owners with the tools and knowledge they need. We collab-orate closely to understand the needs of the local business communities where we are working, with a flexible and pragmatic approach to maximise the value of the service offer available.

We offer a range of services

Where other knowledge or skill gaps are identified, we go out and find expertise to fill that gap.

Our happy clients

Digital Islands has helped hundreds of small business owners thrive.

By collaborating with local councils, universities, business membership organisations, networks and other providers of economic development services, we reach deep into
the communities we serve to achieve real results.

With projects across Southern England, we have built a wide network of specialists. This has created a robust structure able to serve local project delivery and provides capacity and back up capacity if required.

Go for growth

Digital Islands was tasked with providing help, support and expert advice to 80 small business owners on the Isle of Wight. As a ‘mainland’ business there was some initial scepticism, but by working collaboratively, we won over plenty of fans and added huge value to the local economy. 

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